Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 3:The Battle of Destiny Enter the Young Black Dragon Meiryu

Intro:Our Story Begins in the present time now once again at Hiei's house in demon world.We find Hiei still outside on the front Porch with his grandchildren through his youngest daughter Hina as said before as they sit there surprised by there Grandfather's tale now and what he meant by meeting someone that will change and influence his life forever more meaning the person he is referring to in his tale. We now Join the Young Children back at Hiei's house still in demon world on the Porch still as well hoping to hear more of there Grandfather's surprising and Exciting and Shocking Tale and what is going to happen to the young apparition there Grandfather is talking about now.Our Story Begins here now......

(A Older Hiei now looks at one the stones he wears around his neck now and looks out at the sky of demon world with a smile now as Ash and Trini get there Grandfather's attention now by pouncing on him and Nuzzling him a little now)

Older Hiei: oof hey you two careful now your Grandfather is not as good as he use to be you know but that don't bother me

Ash and Trini: sorry Grandpa Hiei we just um well....

Older Hiei: yes what is it you two young lings

Ash and Trini: we would like to hear more of your tale and who this person your talking about was Grandfather Hiei who ever it was seemed very special *they giggle a little*

Older Hiei: ah yes indeed they were a very important person in this Cursed Child's life or I should say or Hero whatever you wish to call him you two all right I will continue my Tale just for they both of you

Ash and Trini: really Grandpa

Older Hiei: yes allright our Tale begins now as this Brave young cursed Child or apparition since I told you where he was from and born continues his Journey now on his very first Mission ever given to him by the Bandits that Raised him in doing so our Brave apparition arrives at the outer Parts of demon world far away from the Bandit's he was raised under camp of course now at the enemy Village he was Instructed to go to on arriving there this Brave young apparition did everything in his training he was supposed to and went undercover in the Village to Steal goods he was after while there our young Brave apparition runs into trouble now as enemy Bandits are there as well holding someone Prisoner now like a Slave getting in the way of his first assignment and Job ever our Story begins here now you two.....

(The Older Hiei continues his story now as a Flashback Occurs like the other two into the past Once again now as it cuts off to a younger version of Hiei now at a Village somewhere in demon world now Observing his surroundings)

Hiei when he was a Kid: heh I will show that old man this job will be done in no time hmm seems like there is a lot of enemy demons here possibly other Bandits to I better keep a low profile while here *the younger version of Hiei now throws a cloak over his head then hides his mother's stone so he cannot be recognized by no one he then goes around the Village blending in with the crowds now*

Demon Villager:
heh quite the Village we have here no outsiders never come in the Village or ever leave some say

Street Merchant:
yeah well the finest demons from all around come to shop here

Demon Villager: heh I will believe it when I see it a lot of these apparitions around here remind me of scum there hasn't been a good demon here in yrs if you ask me

Local Blacksmith: tch you guys are getting into it again I should have known

Demon Villager: quiet you just cause you make those fancy weapons you do you think your so special

Local Blacksmith: it is because I'm smart I know darker days are among us here we might need these weapons soon besides I trust the locals in this Village who buy my goods okay

Demon Villager: heh whatever our Village is safe from outsiders your wasting your time Blacksmith

Local Blacksmith: am I seems a lot of people are interested in my goods you know

Street Merchant:
he makes a good point you know even I get good business

Demon Villager: yeah well that is because you provide everyone with local food and other necessities unlike this nut here *they continue to talk among each other now when a younger Hiei passes by in his disguise and bumps into the Demon Villager leaving the marketplace now* arrg hey watch where your going stupid kid hmph crazy people need to watch there young lings *after that the younger Hiei not recognizable approaches the people in the Marketplace asking questions now*

Hiei when he was a Kid:
I hear rumors about this place are they true

Street Merchant: about us having the finest goods in the land then yeah you heard correctly Kid

Local Blacksmith: indeed you have what brings a kid from around these parts here

Hiei when he was a Kid:
um no reason figured I would stop by to see if the rumors were true that is all *in his mind* hmm I need a appropriate distraction in order to do my job well *nearby now enemy Bandits to the Young Hiei show up now as Hiei sort of spy's on them now* I will return now

Local Blacksmith: very well such a nice Kid

Enemy Bandit Captain: easy you Bafoons on the Cargo this prisoner has to be delivered safely

First Enemy Bandit: right sir but who is this prisoner we are delivering really

Second Enemy Bandit: yeah even I would like to know

Enemy Bandit Captain: well if you Bafoons must know we are bringing a princess from a distant land worth a lot of cash pay the boss wants her personally for his own uses but I tell you this she is a troublesome prisoner that is for dang sure

Second Enemy Bandit: oh really sir well she doesn't seem that dangerous right now

Enemy Bandit Captain: don't let her fool you me and the other guy with you are the only survivors from just catching this clever girl she claims she didn't have any friends with her but my whole entire sqaud was wiped out she has great powers but I believe she didn't kill all my men alone but what do I know all I know is that we managed to capture her and now bring her to our boss that is all I know

Second Enemy Bandit:
oh makes sense no wonder she is worth Value your boss will definitely like her

Enemy Bandit Captain:
indeed lets keep moving now

Enemy Bandit 1: yes sir

Enemy Bandit 2:
yes sir

Hiei when he was a Kid: heh sounds like she needs some help hmm this may be my perfect chance at a distraction my job will get done even easier now heh *with that a younger Hiei raids the enemy Bandits cargo and in doing so frees the prisoner they have as well* heh your free now lets show these Bandits how it is truly done

Female prisoner: be my Pleasure Stranger *giggling now as she escapes now and Hiei to with the Enemy Bandits catching them both*

First Enemy Bandit: hey how Dare you Kid that is our Prize not yours give her back to us now

Enemy Bandit Captain: huh what the arrg you idiots you allowed her to escape how could you

Second Enemy Bandit:
it wasn't our fault sir this kid assaulted us and attacked us he is the cause

Enemy Bandit Captain:
I don't care who the cause is get them both then you bafoons

First and Second Enemy Bandit: Yes sir *soon after that the Chase is then lead into the market Place where the young Hiei splits up with the Prisoner he just saved taking this time to steal the goods he came for and Managing with help taking out both the Bandits chasing them as well*

Hiei when he was a Kid:
heh too easy I got what I came for time for me to go

First Enemy Bandit:
a ha found you your mine you little runt look at all the trouble you caused there is no escape now

Second Enemy Bandit: We have you surrounded it two on one no where to run you troublesome kid

Female Prsioner: Make it two on two need a hand I owe you for rescuing me after all

Hiei when he was a kid: heh be my pleasure

First and Second Bandit: oh Crap this doesn't look good crap *with that they both attack the Bandits now using some of the abilities they have now in the end of the Battle Hiei is cover is now Blown now in Plain sight as the Prisoner that fought along side him comes face to face with him now* Ugh dam you such Power both of you ugh you won't get away with any of this ugh ahhh ha ugh

Hiei when he was a Kid: shut up and die already you already ruined part of my plan and Blew my cover now so I have to get out of here faster anyways thanks for the save I owe you one now

Female prisoner: its nothing it is the leaat I could do after you freed me *she smiles now while giggling*

Hiei when he was a Kid: what is it something I said or something say I heard you were a princess is that true

Female prisoner: Yes I am those bandits were not lying there but to me I have no family really and the friends I had they all disappeared by now

Hiei when he was a Kid: really so your all on your own then

Female Prisoner: yes *begins to looks down in sadness now*

Hiei when he was a Kid: well if you want i could be your brother does that sound okay

Female prisoner: yes i would like that thank you brother *she hugs Hiei now with a smile while seeing his mother's teardrop stone on his neck now after that she realizes who he is and smiles again as she takes Hiei's stone off his neck now without him knowing of course*

Hiei when he was a Kid: anyways I didn't catch your by the way what is your name

Female Prisoner: my name is Meiryu it is nice to meet you

Hiei when he was Kid a Kid: my name is Hiei it is nice to meet you to and huh hey what the my mother's stone where did it go

Meiryu *giggling*: ta da I got you Hiei

Hiei when he was a Kid: hey give that back that stone is all I have left of my home and my mother how did you

Meiryu *giggling*:
my little secret brother Hiei can you catch me Hiei

Hiei when he was a Kid: you better believe I will sister of mine * so with that the Chase is on now as Hiei Chases down the girl he rescued now known as Meiryu as Hiei Catches up with her finally and they encounter each one more time now* Caught you sister of mine this is as far as you go give me my mother's stone back now...

Meiryu *smiling and giggling*: wow your pretty fast Hiei I guess I underestimated you brother but lets see how you fight now *continuing to smile and giggle a little like she is only playing of course*

Hiei when he was a Kid: wait what arnt you taking this a little too far now whoah you got to be Kidding me *with that now Hiei and Meiryu Face off with one another now Sparing for the first time with eachother of course now like a first battle of destiny now*

Meiryu *huffing a little now*: impressive brother you do have quite the skills I'm enjoying this *giggling now Smiling*

Hiei when he was a Kid: whoah she is tough tougher then I thought I barely left a scratch on her and and I'm not even showing my full potential darn and she is liking this I can't believe this *the fight resumes now as the Enemy Bandit Captain realizes now his men have been taken out by that Kid and his Prisoner and now catches on there Trail with the intent of revenge now*

Meiryu *smiling still*: not bad brother not bad *giggling now*

Hiei when he was a Kid: dam she is just toying with me now how can I get her ugh

Enemy Bandit Captain: I found you now your going to pay you little runt how dare you ruin my bosses Plans I will crush you then bring you and my Original Prisoner with me for double the reward

Hiei when he was a Kid: oh great more trouble how am I going to handle this now

Meiryu: your not alone Brother you got me to

Hiei when he was a Kid: : huh sister

Meiryu: lets do this together it is time we show these Bandits what we are really Capable of especially this one

Third Enemy Bandit and Fourth Enemy Bandit: what is she trying to pull sir

Enemy Bandit Captain: you fools I warned you of this now were in for it you two out the other two should have just ran when you had the chance *with that Hiei becomes Surrounded by fire now and even his sword as Hiei Kills The third enemy Bandit then the Fourth Showing power he hasn't before as it gets down to the enemy Bandit Captain now realizing who This runt really is now even though his prisoner has his precious stone right now of course and he wants that for his prize to as well with one last double team effort Hiei uses the last bit of his power and so does Meiryu and she goes full Dragon then double teams with Hiei taking down the enemy Bandit Captain now* wait no you got to be kidding me now no wait ugh curse you Hiei the Cursed Child of thr Glacial Village you will pay for all you have done here I will make sure everyone knows who you are even our Leader

enough this ends now feel the power of the one thing you bandits fear most besides the leaders of demon world the power of a Dragon

Enemy Bandit Captain: no wait spare me no...

Hiei when he was a Kid and Meiryu: its over *the both attack now with the fullest of there powers combine now*

Enemy Bandit Captain: no ahhhh ha curse you both *after that the Battle comes to a end now and Meiryu returns to normal and Hiei powers down now to as Hiei looks at Meiryu now Saying*

Hiei when he was Kid: wow your a dragon your very awesome I always adored the Legends of dragons no wonder these low class demons fear you

yes I am a dragon I am the princess of the Black Dragon Clan now you know I hope your happy brother

Hiei when he was a Kid: hey its okay sister you are who you are okay just like me your secret is safe with me sister okay *Hiei approaches her now and he hugs her now* no matter what happens from this point in time we are family sister till the very end

Meiryu: you are right Brother even though I know who you are now and where your from you are right we will always be family till the end *tears come down he face now not knowing how she will explain this to her father when she returns to the castle fortress just outside the portal that leads to dragon realm now*

Hiei when he was a Kid:
its okay sister were always here for each other always so now where do we go from here *with that Meiryu looks at her brother now Handing him the bag of goods he had and his mother's stone back as well as she speaks now*

here you earned these back brother you have proven a lot to me and from this point on things may get tougher now though since people know who you are they may want your stone more than ever even the Bandits who raised you will try to I just want you to be careful brother and take care of yourself from here on out *with that Meiryu gets ready to fly off in her dragon form now as Hiei says one last thing before she goes now*

Hiei when he was a Kid: wait will I ever see you again sister I owe a lot to you for what you did back there to will I ever see you again

Meiryu *smiling*: you will brother you will I left a present so you can find me again brother I owe a big thanks to you to for rescuing me but this is goodbye for now though we will see each other real soon brother okay *with that Meiryu flies off in her Dragon form now as Hiei watches and realizes his sister left him a map to find where she is of course now Hiding the map that only he would know about Hiei then Heads back to the Bandit's camp now with his Mission a success now*

(Things return to Present Time now with Older Hiei talking finishing up his Tale now to both his Grandchildren now)

Older Hiei: and that is the Tale of how the the Cursed Child and the Brave young Apparition Met the person that would Change and Influence his life forever more now my next Tale is how a big Change began to Occur in the Child and the young apparition I speak to you about now.....

(Amazed by there Grandfather's Tale and Story both Ash and Trini are now Amazed to find out who that person was and what is to become of this young apparition in there Grandfather's tale now)

Chapter 3 End
Dedicated to: Innocent People Locked up in prison or sold into Slavery
Special Dedication to:my sister Meiryu who I will always love no matter what RIP Dear sister I miss you
Next Chapter entitled is called: A Choice is Made The new Reborn Hiei of the Black Dragon

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