Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 2: Our Great Hero's life and Childhood Beginning as a Bandit

Intro:Our Story continues now as we return to the present time at Hiei's house in demon world. We Find Hiei there with two young children His Grandchildren through his youngest daughter Hina as they sit on the Front Porch and continue to listen to there Grandfather's tale now. Excited by the story the young Children want to hear more now about this great Hero and and what will become of him now and his future. Our Story Begins here now......

Ash and Trini:Wow what a great story Grandpa Hiei is there really more?

Older Hiei:yes there is in fact like I said you two that was only the Beginning

Ash and Trini:
Really tell us more Grandpa Please!!!

Older Hiei:All right All right just for the both of you okay

Ash and Trini:

Older Hiei: All right the story continues now as the Cursed Child of the Glacial Village is now raised by the Bandits I mentioned before he was trained with the intent to Kill trained in the skill of stealing from others and Trained how to survive harsh situations as time went on the young Cursed Child of the Glacial Village then grew into a fine young apparition ready to take on his first ever Big mission and assignment as the Bandit he was This is where this story begins now my fine young Grandchildren.......

(The Older Hiei continues his story now as a Flashback into the past Happens like it did before with his previous Story)

Bandit Captain: The boy has come a long way since we found him as a baby raised him as one of our own and even trained him in our ways I believe the boy is ready for his first Mission and assignment on his own sir

Bandit Leader: Ha that little runt and Rodent you think he is ready you have to be kidding me

Bandit Captain: I believe he is sir he passes all expectations plus he has come a long way in his training and teachings since he was really really young when we found him I believe he is ready

Bandit Leader:so you are confident then *gives a grin* very well bring the boy to me I may have just the job and assignment for him then if he passes all expectations as you say we will soon see how the little Rodent and Runt will do

Bandit Captain:yes sir *the Bandit Captain now escorts the young Child and demon into the Bandit Leaders quarters as the young child and demon gives a glare at the one that has raised him since he was found now*

Bandit Captain:good luck your going to need it boy

Hiei when he was a Kid: hmph

Bandit Leader:so we see each other at last my boy seems you haven't changed much since our last meeting

Hiei when he was a Kid: Same goes for you old man I see you still look at me the same way you did yrs ago

Bandit Leader: So what if I do your lucky we didn't throw you out like the rest of the trash your lucky we gave you a home among us letting you learn our ways after all it is the only way to survive boy

Hiei when he was a Kid: hmph Spare me the lecture old man why did you want to see me this time around you must have a good reason why heh what am I your good luck Charm

Bandit Leader: ha what a sense of humor that is why I like you kid I see why I keep you around teaching you our ways of the Bandit *laughs more*

Hiei when he was a Kid: so what is that you want from me dear father seems you got something in store for me after all I have passed all your expectations and tests to make it as far as I am now there must be a good reason behind it

Bandit Leader: *laughs some more* Indeed there is I like you boy you have proven your worth for sure among us but now comes the big time this will be your first assignment all to yourself among us do you think your ready for that boy

Hiei when he was a Kid: hmph I'm ready for anything that comes my way so what do you have in store for me Old man if this is too tough of a assignment for you even

Bandit Leader: ah such determination that's why I like you boy lets just say this task won't be so easy but maybe for a boy like you it won't be that hard

Hiei when he was a Kid: hmph Bring it I will have this done in no time with the warriors you send with me to

Bandit Leader: very well *laughs now* I like that burning attitude of yours all right boy you see the lands beyond our camp

Hiei when he was a Kid: Yeah what about them I learned about them from many of your warriors even ones who came back here half dead

Bandit Leader: so you have boy so you have well out there it is way more dangerous far dangerous then you know there are even greater demons then ourselves boy ones out for blood out to Kill

Hiei when he was a Kid: yeah well I'm not afraid I've been waiting for this opportunity weeks ago

Bandit Leader: oh so you have boy very well then here is your assignment then out there beyond our camp is a enemy Village a Village full of Vile and cruel demons for your first assignment I want you to head to this Village Gather the goods there and bring them back to us and if anyone stands in your way boy Kill them so there are no witnesses do you understand me

Hiei when he was a Kid: heh what is so special about this Village that you want there goods for Old man don't we have enough as it is

Bandit Leader: your wrong there boy with these goods we will be able to make Stronger weapons and continue our journey by gathering more riches and gain more fame than you will ever know throughout demon world I'm counting on you boy don't fail me you little runt of a Rodent

Hiei when he was a Kid: heh so easy as done Old man *after that the young Hiei when he was a Kid now leaves the Bandit Leader's quarters then gather's his gear and sets off with a few other Bandits from the camp on his first assignment ever*

(Returns to the Present Time now with Older Hiei Talking now)

Older Hiei: and that was the Cursed Child's beginning working with the only Bandits he knew as family in his early life soon after though you two later on the cursed Child will encounter someone that will change and influence his life forever more....

(Both Ash and Trini then look at there Grandfather now amazed to find out who this Person was that there Grandfather is speaking of now Waiting to hear more of his unfolding story now)......

Chapter 2 End
Dedicated:to Life Struggles and Survival

Next Chapter entitled is Called:The Battle of Destiny Enter the Young Black Dragon Meiryu

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Comment by Josie ♥ on March 7, 2018 at 7:10pm

Waiting patiently with Ash and Trini. Let me know when the next chapter is up.

Oh, on Bandit Captain's fist comment, you have They and I think you mean The.



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