Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 1: The Beginning

Intro: It has been over 30yrs but one hero one Dragon and brave fire apparition cotinues his dream and his family Legacy through Generations to come. We now join a very old retired Black Dragon King and Fire apparition Hiei at his beloved house napping in the tree nearby. While Napping Hiei Dreams about the past and his sisters and family and loyal friends and how things could have turned out of course after some time Hiei wakes up and hears the noise and laughter of Children playing now. This is where our Story begins now.............

(Noise of Kids Playing outside in the yard to Hiei's house in Demon world now)

Older Hiei: *wakes up now and Climbs down the tree to see what is all the ruckus* Huh what is with all the noise could it be that time of day again don't tell me

(Kids continue to Play then Run over to Hiei saying his name)

Young Kids: *laughing running over to Hiei now saying* Grandpa Hiei Grandpa Hiei we are so Glad to see you Grandpa *still laughing as they come closer to Hiei now and Nuzzle him a little*

Older Hiei: Oof I should have known it was you two Ash and Trini so if you two are here does that mean your Mother Hina is nearby

Ash: yeah Mom is here Grandpa she brought a few things from her adventures for you and Grandma Shiva Grandpa

Trini: yeah she is inside with Grandma right now Grandpa

(They both continue to Nuzzle Hiei now happy to be there with there Grandfather)

Older Hiei: *smiling* oh well I wasn't expecting company today but I am glad both of you are here it gets lonely here witout my loyal servents around and your Great Aunt Raven and Great Unlce Gotuff they are always busy out doing things themselves like me and your Grandma Shiva so it gets lonely here at times since things are not like how they use to be in the past like they were

(Both of them now look at there Grandfather concerned a little then say)

Ash and Trini: Its okay Grandpa we are here for you just like Mom Hina and us

(The old retired Hero now smiles as the Kids now say)

Ash and Trini: So got any good stories to Share this time with us Grandpa Hiei Mom Hina says you always tell good Stories even when she was younger

Older Hiei: *smiling* as a matter of fact I do you two come sit down on the Porch here with me

(The Kids sit down on the porch with Hiei now and Smile of course now) Ash and Trini: okay Grandpa so what is this story and Tale about we would love to hear

Older Hiei: This is a tale about a hero who was a well respected hero who lived 60 yrs ago It all started in a Village far far away with a young Middle aged Black Dragon and his 3rd wife an Ice apparition of the Glacial Village who loved eachother so very much they had Two Children one who was considered Cursed the other born pure of the Glacial Village our Story Begins here my dear Grandchildren..........

( The Older Hiei then continues his Story as it goes into a flashback now 60 yrs ago in the past)

Hina: we can't let our Children grow up like this at what is yet to come you can't just leave me and Abandond our children don't you love me my dear beloved

Blackhorn The Terrible: of course I do I never loved someone as beautiful as you are Hina to see you give birth to two lovely Children our Beloved Son Hiei who I believe can change the world with his great power people may fear and Yukina who is just like you in every way my dear but I have no choice my Kingdom is at war in dragon realm and our love is forbidden here I made the mistake for having these two kids with you and now both of them will grow up with a life of suffering and pain because of me

Hina: no don't say that we can find a way around this please I love you and our family *begins to teer up now*

Blackhorn The Terrible: I can't stay you know they will put me to death if I do for the beast I am what would you rather see our kids grow up happy or grow up knowing what happened to there father if I stay please Hina don't fight it you know what is best for the both of us now I must go *embraces her then whispers* I love you and always will Farewell my dearly Beloved take care of our Precious Babies love them as I would you *gives her a Kiss goodbye as he turns into his dragon form and flies off into the night now*

Hina: *running after him now Saying * Blackhorn!!!!!

(Retuns to present Time now with the Older version of Hiei Talking now)

Older Hiei: and that was the beginning the beginning for the Cursed Child of the Glacial Village my dear grandchildren Soon after The Ice apparition Elder of the Village found out about the birth of Hina's Children one that was pure the other one that would destroy them all taking immediate action the Ice apparition elder called for immediate exile of the Child born of fire she ordered Rei a very close friend of the Ice apparition Hina to throw this child born of fire into depths of demon world never to be seen again by anyone of the Village of Ice which broke the Ice appariton Hina's heart for promising her beloved she would protect her children and raise them and watch them both grow into fine young apparitions who could make a diffrence in the cold sad world but that wasn't the end for this Child my dear grandchildren soon after the Childs exile he was then found by a group of Bandits who just returned from stealing goods nearby being rescued out of the River by one of the Bandits at there Camp the Bandit takes the Child to there leader which the leader then examines the Child and notices the treasure he is holding which was a treasure from his Beloved mother who he had lost due to exile now as stubborn as the Child was he bit the leader with his Sharp teeth which then lead the Child to grow up as one of them as the child respected the Bandit leader and would through his childhood see the Bandit leader as a father figure to him now so that was the beginning my dear Grandchildern the beginning of this long Tale of our Great hero yet to be told.....

(Both Ash and Trini now look at there grandfather waiting to hear more of his great Story)...........

Chapter 1 end

Dedicated: To love for Family

Next Chapter entitled is Called: Our Great Hero's life and Childhood Beginning as a Bandit

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