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Hollow Knight [PC / Switch]



The story is pretty vague, which can be good or bad depending on your preference.

Good because it leaves LOTS of room for fan theories.

Bad because there are LOTS of people that want a story spoon-fed to them.

Basically, you play as “The Knight” and arrive in a town called Dirtmouth.…


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WIP Adventures of Itsaki in mage school.


  • Status - Student mage
  • Level - 3
  • Hair color - Violet
  • Eye color - Deep blue
  • Age - 16
  • Home galaxy - 5th of 8th
  • Home planet - Alistra
  • Preferred skill - Magic/mana
  • Skill spec - lightning “Ethereal”
  • Preferred…

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Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 3:The Battle of Destiny Enter the Young Black Dragon Meiryu

Intro:Our Story Begins in the present time now once again at Hiei's house in demon world.We find Hiei still outside on the front Porch with his grandchildren through his youngest daughter Hina as said before as they sit there surprised by there Grandfather's tale now and what he meant by meeting someone that will change and influence his life forever more meaning the person he is referring to in his tale. We now Join the Young Children back at Hiei's house still in demon…


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Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 2: Our Great Hero's life and Childhood Beginning as a Bandit

Intro:Our Story continues now as we return to the present time at Hiei's house in demon world. We Find Hiei there with two young children His Grandchildren through his youngest daughter Hina as they sit on the Front Porch and continue to listen to there Grandfather's tale now. Excited by the story the young Children want to hear more now about this great Hero and and what will become of him now and his future. Our Story Begins here now......

Ash and…


Added by Hiei Mei Jaganshi on March 6, 2018 at 9:00pm — 1 Comment

Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 1: The Beginning

Intro: It has been over 30yrs but one hero one Dragon and brave fire apparition cotinues his dream and his family Legacy through Generations to come. We now join a very old retired Black Dragon King and Fire apparition Hiei at his beloved house napping in the tree nearby. While Napping Hiei Dreams about the past and his sisters and family and loyal friends and how things could have turned out of course after some time Hiei wakes up and hears the noise and laughter of Children playing now.…


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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle [PS3]

It's been "a while" since my last blog-review.

So, here we go! :D


The story follows the anime / manga (and so on) so far.

Most people know the story of Jotaro, for instance.

I've seen Jotaro's and the first couple JoJo's stories and the game does a pretty good job of sticking to them.

Although they aren't as fleshed out.


The gameplay is.. ok.

It's a 2.5D fighter. Everywhere else it is…


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camping in gila nm story.

This is an interesting story of something that happened while i was camping.

The story starts after i had been camping and i hadden't seen a single soul for weeks not a single person. I was sitting in my camp and all the sudden i heard a car coming down the mountain where i was camping. i decided to go and see who ever was coming down the mountain so i set off to catch up with them. i found them at the first river crossing about to cross. i approached them and…


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Blog Post #1 - Jessica Jung (Fly)

So, here it is, everyone! My first blog post ever! Featuring Jessica Jung! :)

View the full image here :"" target="_self">…


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God Loves Me And You!!! <3

God loves me and you!!! He had chosen us but we didn't choose Him. He wants to show His Love to you. He had created you and me for a very special reason and He gave us a special gift inside waiting to be opened and He also have a very special purpose for our lives. (^U^) <3 Whatever situation we are going through, He is there to help us and protect us. He will never leave us hanging in the battle field. God want us to be strong…


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Have No Idea But Posting A Recipe--- Pasta Soup ---


1)A pack of any pasta of your choice

2)Two big tomatoes

3)A small clove of garlic

4)1/4 slice of onion

5)2 teaspoons of powder chicken broth for flavoring and a taste of salt

6)A can of tomato sauce

7)1/4 cup to cilantro leaves

8)3 cups of water for the blending and fill up water for the soup

9)Olive Oil


Start off by peeling the small garlic clove and cut into tiny pieces and set that aside. Then get the onion and cut 1/4…


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Jak X (PS2)


This story is actually pretty unique for a race game :D

Jak and Daxter are called to Kras City (I think it was kras city) for the reading of Krew's will. As a hologram, he made before his death, Krew says he wants them all to drink a little something-something he's been keeping just for the occasion.

And afterwards they find out (also from Krew) that it was poisoned! And the only way to get the antidote is to win the next race…


Added by Menfist the Hedgehog on April 7, 2014 at 1:00am — 2 Comments

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep (PSP)

Soooo where do i start.. :D

Hm..let's start with Story :)


This is one of the few Kingdom Hearts games you can play as a standalone game. :) I know it's a prequal to Kingdom Hearts 1 but actually if you only take the BBS story it doesnt build up on the KH1 story like all the others ;) So if you only own a PSP and want to play Kingdom Hearts then just get this game somewhere :)

(COMING SOON: If you own a PS3 and want to play BBS then you're going to have to wait for…


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Ulzzang Addict ^o^

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"You heart was made for me to love
But we are not the same
Mine is covered in wretched spikes
Harsh thorns I cannot tame
And though you're willing to bleed to death
I can't just watch you die
Yea, your heart was made for me to love.
You just can't keep loving mine."

Added by Sanzu River Ferryman on December 9, 2013 at 4:11pm — 1 Comment

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The water is wide, I cannot get oer

Neither have I wings to fly

Give me a boat that can carry two

And both shall row, my love and I

A ship there is and she sails the sea

She's loaded deep, as deep can be

But not so deep as the love I'm in

I know not if I sink or swim

I leaned my back against an oak

Thinking it was a trusty tree

But first it bent and then it broke

So did my love prove false to me

I reached my finger into some soft…


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When the Raven Flies.

Something I just randomly wrote. I don't like it all that much honestly but, I thought I should post SOMETHING and I haven't written much due to playing Keepsake and college stuff so. Here you go.

Her hands were soft and her heart was inviting. I fell into her embrace when she said "everything would be okay." Then I took a taste. Her lips were something like a cloud with sustenance. With closed eyes I embraced the darkness. Not seeing, only feeling. Feeling the way she brushed my…


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Other Ways to contact me ^_^


My Anime FaceBook

My texting number - (435)393-2093 

My Kik - IamEmo16

My Yahoo Mail -

My Gmail -

World Of Anime…


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You imagined me to be perfect. To say good morning when no one else did. To kiss your cheek and hug you closer than any arm would allow. You gave me thorns, so we could relate, you made me a rose, and we were one in the same. You cracked my heart, and made it break, so when yours fell apart I had pieces for you to take. You tattered my soul, and we both screamed, like agonizing music, we cried in harmony. I tasted your blood, you gave me worth. I loved your heart, and you loved my soul. You…


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Untitled, Very Relatable poetry.

For those who go to work, or have school, you may be able to relate to this. Enjoy.

Continuously hitting the snooze button.

Five more minutes, I'm not ready.

Waking up is not so easy.

And reality is hard to face.

Behind my eyes is security

Under these blankets I'm safe.

It's so cold out there in the world

Anemic, I seldom have warmth.

Don't look at my eyes and think me jaded

I'm drowsy, clinging to a world that was mine.

Wishing this…


Added by Sanzu River Ferryman on November 30, 2013 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

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