About us


A social site for discussing games, anime, school, work and more. Come join us and have fun.


The site was established on 10 January 2010 by Mari (Mirage Kurosawa).


The site started with a name of Imeme, but in May 2011, after seeing that a majority of our members were anime lovers, the name was changed to make it more unique and so we could play around with new designs and concepts.


Why was the site created:

We love socializing and meeting new people, so Hydronime was created. There are many social networks out there that are heaving with busy chat rooms , and literally have no control over content and language used.


We love to say that we aim to be exact opposite of that and enjoy our peaceful community the way it is. We prefer quality over quantity.

 If you are a minor, working class person, senior, or even a parent of a child who wishes to join us, you can be assured that no harmful or violating behavior will be tolerated across the site , especial in main chat. We strive to keep the main chat clean of anything like above mentioned.




Member interaction is important to us so we try to provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere to discuss anime, games, write/read blogs, join groups and much more.

We do not like to see people who enjoy drama, emotional harassment, chaos, arguments, or those who judge the activity of the site based on the amount of people on chat.

We operate as a big family, we meet and join when we feel like it and create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone to feel welcome.

If this sounds like a place for you to be, then please join us and pop us a note on chat. We would love to get to know you!



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