What would you do to the person above you.... if the lights went off???

This is how things will go all you got to do is to reply what would you do to the person above you if lights went out xD

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I'd counter-hide behind le partner.

Dissect them^^

What an interesting introduction to the forum!
I'd dissect you back somehows~


I dun care! I wouldn't see it anyway! DX I'd toss a pie at ya~

o.o kick them so hard they don't know what happen to them <.< >.>

I sprinkle shaved ice on Pang's head~

o.o i'll eat the ice and throw something at sid

I'd eat the something and backflip on Pang. :O

watches as my clone goes poof and kick siddy's behind :D

I'd go to the bathroom~

I'd stun him XD

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