What would you do to the person above you.... if the lights went off???

This is how things will go all you got to do is to reply what would you do to the person above you if lights went out xD

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murder them and make it look like an accident o.o
i'd bite them >./body>
.... I dont know probably sit on them since its dark and squash them (thats if the're on my bed hehe ) @_@
o.o rofl .. i would just hide and make sure they dont see me xD
LOL thats another option. but.. o-o how would you see where you going? DX there might be someone already in the corner D:
o.o scare them XD
Choke then to death
o.o omg XD Steal their underwear and make them run around naked . xD
:O I would stab them :D
OMG D: *runs away with your underwear* LOL
Throw some rocks at them

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