Something I just randomly wrote. I don't like it all that much honestly but, I thought I should post SOMETHING and I haven't written much due to playing Keepsake and college stuff so. Here you go.

Her hands were soft and her heart was inviting. I fell into her embrace when she said "everything would be okay." Then I took a taste. Her lips were something like a cloud with sustenance. With closed eyes I embraced the darkness. Not seeing, only feeling. Feeling the way she brushed my cheek, hearing the words she spoke to me.

"Everything will be okay."

Enveloped in her smell I took it all in. Intoxicated with the atmosphere. I left a kiss upon her cheek just to see if she was real. Just to see if I had dream it all. She held my hand and spoke again.

"Everything will be okay."

Meeting were more frequent then. Her face was a clear picture in my memory. Refreshed by your kiss. Renewed with her spoken words.

"Everything will be okay."

And then she flew away.
Now the memories are years away, and the remnants fade to gray.

But everything will be okay, right?


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Comment by Josie ♥ on January 20, 2014 at 8:45pm

I love it. It made me tear up. *hugs*

Comment by Siddy ♥ on December 7, 2013 at 3:56pm

Yup, she said everything will be okay~



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