JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle [PS3]

It's been "a while" since my last blog-review.
So, here we go! :D


The story follows the anime / manga (and so on) so far.
Most people know the story of Jotaro, for instance.
I've seen Jotaro's and the first couple JoJo's stories and the game does a pretty good job of sticking to them.
Although they aren't as fleshed out.


The gameplay is.. ok.
It's a 2.5D fighter. Everywhere else it is described as 2D, but you can dodge to the left and right. So, I call it 2.5D.

There are many types of fighting styles. For instance Ripple (also known as Hamon), Vampire, Stand and Mount.
Of course, each of these styles plays differently.
Hamon style has a heat gauge, which you can refill via "Hamon breathing".
Stand style also has a heat gauge, but you cannot manually refill it. Instead of Hamon Breathing, with the R1 button, you activate your Stand. Basically, what a Persona is. Something that aids you in battle.
Jotaros has a more human form while Hol Horse's is just a gun.
Mount style seems very...unique. To me, it is unplayable.
Being on the horse is your best bet. As soon as numb-legged-jojo falls off it is so hard to fight. Luckily you can call your horse back, assuming you have the material for it..which is found on the stage floor.


Unique has always been the JoJo serie's thing.
So the game has to follow the JoJo rules. :D
It looks really close to the anime, which is quite surprising.
Few anime games display the style as well as this.

DownLoadable Content

DLC... has never really been my favorite type of thing. Of course, it opens many doors. Also slammed one right in front of your face as well and this proves it quite well.
The unlockable characters in multiplayer are the ones you unlock via story mode. So that is a must, really. But there are challenges and many other opportunities to hide characters. Instead they release characters like Lisa Lisa and Iggy as DLC. The total amount of the DLC sums up to a large portion of the games new price.


If you liked the JoJo anime and manga you are bound to like this game as well. It can be fun and frustrating at the same time.
Some of the styles seem a little unbalanced.
The flow of fights seems fine when using styles like Hamon and Stand.

Overall, a good fighting game with very significant pros and cons.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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