This is an interesting story of something that happened while i was camping.

The story starts after i had been camping and i hadden't seen a single soul for weeks not a single person. I was sitting in my camp and all the sudden i heard a car coming down the mountain where i was camping. i decided to go and see who ever was coming down the mountain so i set off to catch up with them. i found them at the first river crossing about to cross. i approached them and introduced my self to them and it turns out they where all vary nice it was a cool guy and his friend that had his wife and there little daughter they offered me beer and whisky and i decided too go to where they where going to camp and hang out with them. we all where having a good time drinking and talking for hours. it started to get dark afterwhile so i told them to remind me to go get my flash light cuz i forgot to get it when i was at my camp. well we all completely forgot and it got dark and every body wanted to go to bed. so i set out for my camp in almost pitch black dark as i was walking along something interesting happened it seems like every turn and corner in the trail there was a skunk hiding in the bushes that scared me i had to grab up my two little dogs so they didn't get skunked. after about an hour of battling the skunks i finally got back to camp i made my dinner and sat down in my chair next to my campfire. all of the sudden a skunk runs right in to my camp and my biggest dog lucy when't right up behind the skunk and sniffed its behind witch scared the bejesus outta me i thought i was gonna have to give my dog tomato juice baths for a month. but it turns out my dog is black and it was so dark that night the skunk never even saw my dog. i was relieved. but that's not the end of the story the next morning i got out of bed early before the sun was up fully and made breakfast well i was sitting in my chair eating my break fast and all the sudden a big herd of wild pigs with huge boar like tusks ran past my camp threw the trees. my littlest dog took of running after them and i was scared she was gonna get gored by the huge tusks. well my little dog got within about 2 feet of the biggest wild pig barking at it and then all the sudden my little dog stopped and started running as fast as she could away from the wild pigs yelping like she'd just been killed. it was dangerous for her but it was still funny to see this little dog running away from a herd of wild pigs like she'd been scolded to death and thats the end of the story  

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Comment by Josie ♥ on June 14, 2016 at 6:23pm

hehehe Cool story. I'm very glad they small dog didn't get hurt and that the bigger dog didn't get skunked. They were very lucky that night. It does sound like a lot of fun.



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