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Black Dragon Prince Hiei Mei Jaganshi <3 my Baby Love Shiva Miguratoshi 4 ever and ever.

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Hiei Mei Jaganshi posted a status
"I am thinking sbout continuing my fan fics soon to lately I have had writers block and dealing with drama as well but I am staying strong."
Jul 25, 2019
Hiei Mei Jaganshi posted a status
"Summer has been good so far I miss my love Shiva though which I hope she is doing okay herself anyways I will try to be on here and there."
Jul 25, 2019
Hiei Mei Jaganshi posted a status
"Easter is in 5 more days so if anyone sees this happy early Easter everyone okay."
Apr 17, 2019
Hiei Mei Jaganshi posted a status
"Shiva my love Idk where are my love or what your doing love but if you see this do know me and our little girl Sabrina need you love okay."
Apr 17, 2019

Profile Information

Hello my name is Hiei Jaganshi aka: Hiei of the Black Dragon and I am the brother of Meiryu Jaganshi and Ceilyia and Sai Umagoshi (Silver Dragon) of course for anyone who does not know them plus I am the twin brother of Kool Kat a lost cause to never be mentioned in my rps of course and fan fics as well I also have a tons of People who serve me as well a few of my Favorite People who do is Killua Zoldyck Friend and Ally and former Rival after the 2nd dark tournament who has high respect for me Toshiro Hitsugaya The Ice Dragon Soul reaper who I try to acknowledge for his hard work even though he is a rival to me and Mikoto Misaka Killua's so called Rival and sister who is the master of electricity like he is and Roronoa Zoro Master Swordsman of the Strawhat Crew and Ichigo Kurosaki of the Soul Society that I met on one of my crazy adventures and Journey plus Shirou from the future of course which is Archer of course who I met during the start of the Magi wars plus his past self who is Shirou of course who I have high respect for even if he doesn't get along with me who I met during the start of the magi wars as well Plus Rin Tohsaka who is a very powerful mage and a very strong and smart ally to that I met during the start of the Magi wars as well anyways in real life People tend to call me Kool Kat Kyle or just Kool Kat for anyone who must know my real name is of no ones importance unless you ask me or know me very well to ask me of course okay I have tons of cool friends some who I am very close to and some I am not and wish not to look after or Babysit for there actions of course and if anyone must know I am a rebel as well and do things for my own purposes that I do not intend on Sharing of course since it is my business and no one elses except for maybe the people I am close to of course I despise most Humans not all of them though and I have many traits my rivals have even though I walk a different path than all of them as well I also have a great girlfriend and future wife and Mate to and her name is Shiva by the way and if anyone messes with her they have a bone to pick with me as well since I love her and will do anything in the world to protect her and make all her dreams come true of course in this whole wide world anyways enough talk about me I am dying to hear more about all of you even though I think friends are a crutch for the weak I don't mind giving people a chance though to know them so it is nice to meet you and welcome to my Hydro page by the way do not cross me either unless you want to be Killed and consumed by my power of the Darkness Flame mu ha ha ha ha ha just kidding lol welcome to my page anyways I guess enjoy your stay as long as you like okay.
Favorite Music:
I have all kinds if you want I can Share it with you all if you wish
Favorite TV Shows/Anime:
Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Code Lyoko, DBZ,DB Super, Bleach, Fate Stay Night, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Yugioh,One Piece, Digimon Adventure 2, Yu yu Hakusho, Fate Zero, Hunter X Hunter, Soul Eater, South Park etc...

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Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 3:The Battle of Destiny Enter the Young Black Dragon Meiryu

Posted on March 30, 2018 at 12:17am 0 Comments

Intro:Our Story Begins in the present time now once again at Hiei's house in demon world.We find Hiei still outside on the front Porch with his grandchildren through his youngest daughter Hina as said before as they sit there surprised by there Grandfather's tale now and what he meant by meeting someone that will change and influence his life forever more meaning the person he is referring to in his tale. We now Join the Young Children back at Hiei's house still in demon…


Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 2: Our Great Hero's life and Childhood Beginning as a Bandit

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 9:00pm 1 Comment

Intro:Our Story continues now as we return to the present time at Hiei's house in demon world. We Find Hiei there with two young children His Grandchildren through his youngest daughter Hina as they sit on the Front Porch and continue to listen to there Grandfather's tale now. Excited by the story the young Children want to hear more now about this great Hero and and what will become of him now and his future. Our Story Begins here now......

Ash and…


Fan Fiction: Hiei's Great Adventure the secret and wonderful and special life of Hiei Jaganshi Chapter 1: The Beginning

Posted on February 9, 2018 at 12:30am 0 Comments

Intro: It has been over 30yrs but one hero one Dragon and brave fire apparition cotinues his dream and his family Legacy through Generations to come. We now join a very old retired Black Dragon King and Fire apparition Hiei at his beloved house napping in the tree nearby. While Napping Hiei Dreams about the past and his sisters and family and loyal friends and how things could have turned out of course after some time Hiei wakes up and hears the noise and laughter of Children playing now.…


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At 1:14am on April 7, 2018, Shiva Miguratoshi said…

Hey hiei my love <3 I hope you will be on soon <3 I miss you I have been busy with work so im sorry for not being on these past couple days

At 8:39pm on March 30, 2018, Ana said…

Thanks for adding me! Nice to meet you. :)

At 10:08pm on March 28, 2018, Shiva Miguratoshi said…

At 2:41am on March 28, 2018, Shiva Miguratoshi said…

Yes its me <3 Ive missed you so much Hiei my love!! Its been so long <3

At 11:54pm on January 5, 2018, Shiva Miguratoshi said…

Hiei..? Please are you there..?

At 9:51am on July 29, 2014, Dark Angel said…

thanx for the add it's nice to meet yea^^

At 2:30pm on July 26, 2014, Moriko Ayumi ♆ said…

thankyou for the add *smiles*
how are you?:3

At 12:04am on July 23, 2014, Josie ♥ said…

At 10:14am on July 22, 2014, Josie ♥ said…

Kool Kat. You have been reinstated. Everyone does deserve a second chance. Here is yours. I welcome you back to join our crazy group. We have a lot of new people that are in chat. We still aren't that big but we like it that way. To know everyone that is in chat is cool.




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