Site Rules

Hydronime Site Rules

Inactive accounts will be monitored and removed accordingly.
1. Inactive accounts without changed avatars will be deleted after 6 months.
2. Inactive accounts with changed avatars will be deleted after 1 year.
If you let an Admin. or Moderator know you will be gone, your account will remain. If your account is removed, you may join back at any time.

Only upload photos you have personally taken.

Offenses Banable with Warning:

1. No spamming/flooding/flaming/trolling.
We consider this to be rude and annoying. (For full definitions of terms please refer to wikipedia) (1 Warning)

2. No exaggerated drama in the main chat.
Excessive flooding of main chat with purpose of seeking attention may make the stay unpleasant for others and prevent them from coming back. Main chat is for getting to know others. Let's keep it that way. (1 Warning)

3. No cursing/swearing.
Please keep the conversations decent. This site is also used by young members and sensitive people. We would like everybody to try and treat people with due respect. (1 Warning)

4. Role-playing.
Role-playing is allowed, except intensive character role-playing of clan/family/group role-playing in main chat - we want to prevent any conflicts. (2 Warnings)

5. False information.
Please do not give false details about country of your origin, gender or personal info. If you don't wish to divulge that information then just say so. Imposters are not welcome. (1 Warning)

6. Sharing links to other sites.
Advertisements of other sites in competition with Hydronime shall not be allowed on the network. (If you wish to promote other networks please speak to the Admins first for a chance to become affiliate.)
Sharing links (such as youtube, photobucket etc.) for videos and pictures to your friends is of course allowed but please do this wisely to prevent spam. (1 Warning)

7. One account per person unless you are a theme creature for members.
(If you wish to open a test account please message one of the Admins). We reserve the right to randomly spot check ip address of our members to verify multiple accounts. If you have multiple accounts and you are not a theme creature we will ask you to delete all but one. (1 Warning)

Offenses Banable with No Warning:

1. Harassment or bullying.
With proof. We will investigate both sides of the story if possible. (Contact an Admin if this is happening to you.)

2. Posting images/videos with explicit/sexual content.
No explanation needed.

3. Racial, Sexual or Religious slurs.
Strictly prohibited. (You may use names such as : White, Hispanic, Black, Asian, etc.) Respect the belief, origin and opinions of others. (Contact an Admin. if this is happening to you.)

4. No indecent usernames.
(for ex. "iluvbigtits") No curse words will be allowed either. Even if spelt differently.

5. No advertising.

Any advertising is not allowed. Your account will be removed as soon as the advertising is seen by Admin.



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