How to Join


To be a member of the Hydronime Family/Neighborhood:

  1. Be an active member for 3 months. (Active member means to show some form of communication with other members, either by comments to other members, main chat, adding pics, writing or commenting on blogs and participating in forums.)
  2. Get along well with others.
  3. Uphold the rules of Hydronime and encourage others to do so. (Please read general rules.)

Once you are a member:

  1. You must stay active or at least tell a family member you are going to be gone. (The amount of time you are gone will not be a problem. We just need to know you haven't abandoned your account. Your name will not be removed from the list.)
  2. Share any ideas you have to better Hydronime.
  3. If you are a family member that has been told another will not be active you must report it to Josie. That insures the member will not be removed.
  4. If you wish to add someone to the family/neighborhood you must consult with the other f/n members before doing so.

(If you become inactive for more than 3 months. without notifing a family member, you will be removed. To regain your membership you will again have to be active for 3 months.)

Positions Available:






Best Friend


(If you wish to become a family/neighborhood member, please contact Josie.)

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