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The Doll Sanctuary Adoption Center


The Doll Sanctuary Adoption Center

I am a beautiful doll.
Healed by my own hands and stitched by the threads
of the sage's song.
Possessed by the moon,
enchanted now,
by the Goddess within.

I am a beautiful doll.
I weave a dark cloak,
guided by Urd's knowing touch.
A patchwork of memories,
stories, songs and poems.
They tell of a hero,
a daughter of ancients.

I am a beautiful doll.
alone and with a full heart.
Tossing the runes,
I take Skuld's hand,
and together we walk
the solitary path of the moon.

We live to serve our Master
when our plastic heart began to beat.

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The Doll Sanctuary

RPG 2008© to Present

Born in imeem, the Doll Sanctuary is a Role Playing Clan that uses doll images and such to represent their characters. In the first year of the Doll Sanctuary, the members of the clan were used to using doll images from doll shops and deviantart, the same with the second year of the Sanctuary. In the third year of the Sanctuary, imeem has left them to relocate on another website, zetaboards, and here they continued to rebuild their clan. The members of the moderating crew -The Doll Council, stopped the use of dolls from deviantart and started to ask permissions from Doll Shops for permission on using their doll images in creating avatar, signatures and miscellaneous graphics to comply with their usage policies and terms. All Doll images found on this website aren't owned by the members but are rightfully to the doll shops mentioned in their disclaimer tags. In this same third year, the Sanctuary has become more advanced in terms of graphics and promising to provide better role playing experience and features for their members and for those who are to become their members. Non-members who would like to become members would undergo an application, for formality and security purposes. The whole forum and its members are one big family with passion and love for ball-jointed dolls. And thus along side with zetaboards Doll Sanctuary has made a decision to make a new home here in hydronime.


DOLL SANCTUARY is a clan that consists of four families :


(Click on to the family names for details)

Each and every family has its own specialty regarding their powers.

Here are some of the terms used in the Sanctuary :

(HINT! You might want to get used to these terms)

  • DOLL MASTERS are the prime ruler of each family (they're basically your boss).
  • ANCIENT DOLLS are Dolls that have been accepted by the Doll Council and have been members of the sanctuary for over a month's time.These dolls know much of how the sanctuary works.
  • CHAINED DOLLS are Dolls that are not purely Dolls, for example a half-Doll, half-Vampire or something-or-other.
  • NEWBORN are Strings that have been transformed into Dolls but aren't Ancients yet. After a month of membership, a Newborn turns into an Ancient Doll.
  • STRING is the term used for 'human'.
  • BROKEN DOLLS are Dolls that have broken the rules or have violated the Doll Sanctuary and are now banished from the premises, never again to walk in the realm of the dolls.

When you think you're ready to join and be part of our clan,

Proceed to the Application

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