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=-= atlus is a bunch of poo heads who need to get bombed by a fish tank filed with deadly fish and then put into a bag filled with termites and then eat a burger with pickles and onions!

*Eating chocolate cake* Ahh... starting to taste weird! Was good when cold, but now...
*Finishes* Yogurt time! XD

-drool time.o.- OMG. xD

Hmm, pizza flavored Pringles~, how will I make Cryssy happier today? Hmm...

by buying her a pringles? heheh joke.xDDD

LOL! That reply made me lose my train of thought! *Mind is blank* XO

hmmm i'm thinking of Ace and this ice cream im eating :3

Wondering if I made Cryssy happy from my second replay. Also, about the day and what's to come.

What's up with the Lulu action lately people!? WHAT AM I MISSING~!? XO

she's got a fanclub and a pokemon card xD

I know right? What did I miss? Is it chat and/or tiny chat? Not good internets lately. =/

What time does class start again? At 3? I got this~ (1 1/2 hours~)

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