What would you do to the person above you.... if the lights went off???

This is how things will go all you got to do is to reply what would you do to the person above you if lights went out xD

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Poke him til he gets mad

Umm.. wave.
Although chances are I won't be seen?

Start a poke war and say Krios started it. :O

Ha go start a poke war, Imma spray water on you and you wouldn't know it was me! Mwahahah

You wouldn't even see meeeeeee
I'd poke her all over, all ninja in the darkness like. ;)

Well it's OK because I sprayed water everywhere. And I saw you fall. Hehehehe peace.

You know I never back down when it comes to poke wars right?

Pokes Siddy til he backs out. But even after he backs out and go, I'd drag him back to the room and poke him again. Mwahahaha you didn't Siddy

Counter-pokes your pokes by poking your pokes mid poke. Muahahahaha I'm the counter king! *Kingly counters awl dae*

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