What would you do to the person above you.... if the lights went off???

This is how things will go all you got to do is to reply what would you do to the person above you if lights went out xD

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Looks like you got quite few ideas up your sleeve... Well you got no sleeve as for now >.> hehe XD
slap them >:O yeah XD
O: big slap on teh buttocks D: *hides* I would hide in the wardroe and pretend to be a monster o-o cookie monster rawr
D: dodges the slap and steals the cookies >D
I would lightly touch them and scare them.
XD scare them back
Hold them until the light came back on.
Q.Q cry and ignore their presence
Poke him with a stick
ties ghost to chair and tickle them >D
:O make a clone to replace me XD and tie them to a chair too :o
lol, pull a prank on them :o

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