Video games, millions of people own them, everyone has played at least one, whether it be some multi-million dollar console release, or a simple facebook game. But there will always be a few that you will go back to time and time again. This is a place where you can tell everyone what your favorite game is, and even give a few reasons why, and who knows, maybe you'll introduce someone else to something they've never played before.

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Nice list :D I love Ragnarok Online

FAVORITE(S)!? I don't like that question! DX
-Sonic 3 & Knuckles (10+ play throughs)
-Tales of Symphonia (11 plays)
-Megaman X5 (20+ plays)
-Street Fighter Alpha 2 (I suck, but it's so much fun!)
-Fire Emblem (2004)(25+ plays)
-Mario Kart Wii (3+ plays)
-Naruto:Clash of Ninja - Revolution (1 plays, I borrowed...)
-SSX:Tricky (5+ plays)
-Kingdom Hearts II (4+ plays)
-Bust-A-Groove (IDK... So fun though~)

Harvest Moon: More friends of mineral town (I've played all the routes)
Age of empires

Lol "Pokemon"

Since I can't really stop playing for a long time, I'm adding Fire Emblem: Awakening to my list!

Currently, I play plants vs zombies garden warfare on PS4

It's a favorite now? :3

Yep! I'm addicted. XD

Dragon Age 2. Cuz' Fenris. and lately all Voltage Inc.

I'd LIKE to add Fire Emblem Fates to this, but this one, to me, just isn't all that great. :( And this is for Ana. <3

Omg Siddy ♥♥ Fave♥ Hahaha. I first saw the picture before reading the caption and thought you were playing it XD
I really need to get a ps4 of my own so I can get this. Haha. I played the beta version and I like the zombies more than plants.

You totally should get your own! I kindaaaaaaa want my own, but I don't even play my Wii-U that's new, and I just bought a game for it (Bayonetta 2) which is what I bought while at the GameStop where I saw the shirt~

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