It might be a nice idea to share our real life pictures with each other.

O-o Please only decent photos :P

Do not be shy o-o

if you dare to enter you will get a cookie from the creator XD 

(a virtual one that is)

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ne, jonathan o.o i mean, argentum :)) do more cosplay :3

Kuroshi said:'s the most recent one of me >.< took it around the first week of december >.

Well...this is the real Menfist. o.o
Normally shave but have been too lazy the last few days :D

GIMME COOKIE, please :3

Are Yu kidding me right now?

My "switch ON" side haha

haha you are pretty :D

Ana Hamada said:

My "switch ON" side haha

What does switch on meannnnnnnnn
And Ana is unsurprisingly gorgeous~? :O You go girl~

*coughs* you guys are only saying that because i'm in my switch on mode. *coughs*

This is what it means, Siddy.

I personally always prefer a switch off. :D Always nice seeing a "real" person over one there for mere appearances. ;)

Wish I could be the switch off type of person but have built high lvl defenses so nah :x

I guess it does, Siddy. Haha. You do have bangs! Here. In this pic. Haha. (Liar liar pants on fire :p )
Siddy is unsurprisingly gorgeous too! You go guy!

P.S. You look like Zero

I'm sure building high defensive stats is easier in switch off mode. :D I know it worked for me! :P
I GUESS I have bangs there. But we know irl I don't. ;)
Thanks! Even though it feels like you're using what I said on me. :P

P.S.: Not Zero from Vampire Knight, but Yu Narukami from Persona 4. :D :P d:

How is it easier? I swear when I'm OFF I don't have any walls hehe. Guess we're the opposite then.

OK fine, you don't have bangs. Hehe.
Well yes, I did. Hehe. It's factual. (Lol I'm just being silly. Forgive me hehe)

And OK I see you still look like Zero and Yu... which results you to looking like....
Siddy XD Okay. That was a 'nah' joke. That's my last joke ever.

P.S. You look awesome, there.

Well having no walls means you'll get used to not having them, thus increasing defense. ;) So philosophical.
Thanks for le compliments. :) Much appreciated! Now if only I can see that "off" mode. :D

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