idk how to put background who would help me out ? here the pic of the code im using - the link working fine music player working fine - video working fine -

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im going to change the title name to something were u can watch anime and hear music from any anime

the title was miss up - i was trolling wit it - going to change it at soon at i no how to use an backgorund pic in there ...

lol..above there's standing "boody" instead of "body" o.o' ..but you ment the code below it right?

you mean dont know how to get the "code" from the background image you wanna use?

yea the background that wat i mean idk how to get code for it and this wat is look like right now -

here the code i nee help wit put the video in the link like the one on top and i need help using to upload my site on there - i going to put an chat box or like an comments box in it - if there an code for it - if can help me pls :)

i really havent work with codes lately since of school ;-;
...but some things arent really clear to me. said you wanna put it on a website? an link of it maybe?

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