If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


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Whoa!? You has experience/interests with/in these places?

I would love to travel all places in the world... Oh, add the places beyond and outside the world, too :3

Interest. :)))
Also, there are things that I've planned to do in life in those places neh~ ^-^

First would be Japan, then Paris, then London, Korea and everywhere XDD I want to visit them all XDD

LOL! If you plan to steal, send some to me after you've done it successfully neh~ ;*

Hmm.... There's that too. And if ever the police come I can use you as a scapegoat to escape and still be able to get money~ ;D

I'll go~ :3

Aww~ You're not willing to risk your life for me? ;A;
Every other husband's willing to do so. ;m;

IDK what just happened, but I wanna do that too. =O

YAY~ New scapegoat~ *A*

Haha. You don't sign up for it. It's a complimentary thing husbands do, unless the wives do it themselves. But! I'm not doing it ;*


Sure! =O

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