If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?


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I would love to visit Japan and Bora Bora ._.

I'd love to visit Japan and the Philippines!

Japan, Philippines, Slovic, South Korea, Australia, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii. Just to name a few. hehe

Greece, China/Taiwan/Japan for the hotsprings, and whole of 51st parallel North.

hotsprings yeah!!!!! I want to experience that once in my life *dies* 

Oh! Me too! XD

x3 we would build a big Hydro family house. and everyone would live in there and we would travel o-o xD

With hot springs~


Italy, France, Germany, England, United Kingdom, Canada, New York, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Antarctica, Iceland, Russia, South Africa, Bermuda Triangle. Basically a lot of countries :>

And also if possible.
I would love to visit heaven and hell. haha

LOL Don't we all :P

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