When it comes to books which type do you prefer the most, or are you into the whole digital thing?!

Personally I prefer Hardcover but I'll take paperback if there is no option!! I do like digital but that is easier to lose!

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I love the feeling of any book in my hands! The smell of freshly opened book cannot compare to anything else :D. Hardbacks are Hard to hold and read, so i think i would go for paperback for quick reading, hardbacks as a keepsake! as for digitalism of this era. humm what would my bookcase look like with all these new inventions? I can surely put the kindle on the shelf but it wont make up for the amount of leftover space.

I hate reading books! But if I had to choose... it would be hardcover, for the same reason as auntie (for them to be keepsakes) you know, because me no like to read much.

it doesn't really matter, as long as i have it.o.
i have tons books, and ebooks.o.xD


but, hardcovers are more expensive compare to paperbacks.o.
paperbacks is more portable compare to hardcovers.o.
so yeah, it's either of the two.o.

I knew you have do say something like that. XD


LOL, that option is (almost) always available~

heh, indeed. -smiles softly-

save the earth too.. (in a way)

I prefer hardcover, I feel like they're much more durable in the long run

I find paperback more convenient :D

I feel the same as you Niji. I'll take paperback and that is actually what I usually get. Hardcover is more expensive and I'm lucky if I have the money for paperback. But if I could, they would all be hardcover.

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