Ok so here how the game goes, you ban the member above you for a reason and it goes on.

Since no one is above me go ahead and ban me >D

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I ban Siddy for not being online?! hehe

I ban Ana for life making me so busy until today. :D

And I ban Siddy for banning me for life making him so busy! Haha

I ban Ana for the fun of it now. :3

I ban Siddy for sleeping an hour early before I could even say hi

I ban Ana for coming on and hour after I went to bed~ D:

Is that allowed?! Haha
I ban Siddy for being AFK!:p

I ban Ana for thinking anything isn't allowed! :D

I ban Siddy for being a rule breaker hahaha

I ban Ana from banning me.

I ban Krios for doing the thing.

I ban Siddy for not doing the thing.

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