I have been here for a longtime and i really love this site and its members :)
But somethimes i think this should be more bigger
more peoples should know about Hydronime!
but i'd run out of suggestions.





Anyone idea's about how to get more members?

I would like to hear.

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As for the photoshop idea not everyone has that either. I have the trial version but don't know what to do. But like all events there is going to be someone that can't do it. I can't sing, draw, much css or do photoshop. hehe But we have to come up with something. It could be something as simple as showing your favorite funny pic.

To address people not having certain programs and knowledge... We could ask the participants to tell the program used so the voters could vote based on skill with the program rather that quality of the result. As you said in different words, all events aren't for everyone, so some people won't be able to participate in all events, and that should be fine, I know I couldn't. Besides, we can do the funny pic, favorite pic, singing, drawing, theme, and anything else since we'll be doing events for a long time.

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